Christian education is a partnership between faculty, students, and parents to provide an opportunity for students to experience and learn academics, athletics, and fine arts through a biblical worldview.  The A Beka curriculum, godly role models, scriptural discipline, and character training all add to Bethel’s academic excellence.

Students are exposed to knowledge and truth through a challenging curriculum in which Bible is an integral part of every grade level.  A challenging, comprehensive curriculum helps students excel daily, on standardized testing, and is the foundation for future success.  BBS uses a quality Christian curriculum and textbooks that provide academics from a Christian perspective.

Teachers are committed to the Lord and to teaching and training students to honor and obey God, respect authority, and exhibit Christian character.  BBS has maintained a wonderful heritage of academic excellence and our level of commitment is the same today as it was when it began in 1971.  BBS is a member of the Alabama Christian Education Association (ACEA) and the American Association of Christian Schools (AACS).

Bethel Baptist School is organized into three departments: Preschool/Kindergarten, which includes K3, K4, and K5 programs; Elementary includes first through sixth grade; High School includes grades seven through twelve.