Why Bethel Baptist?

Being former educators, Jan and I chose Bethel Baptist School as a place to educate our two boys Mac and Sam for these reasons:

  • It is a place of acceptance and everyone feels welcome.
  • Being involved in this school has strengthened our faith as a family.
  • Bethel provides their students a facility that is safe.
  • The student to teacher ratio allows for more individualized help and our boys have thrived because of this.
  • The education is centered on God’s Word.
  • Our children are taught the importance of accountability.
  • Our sons are different from each other and each is dealt with in the way that is fitting for him.
  • On top of a first rate education, their athletic programs teach the fundamentals of teamwork in a competitive environment.  Bethel offers basketball, volleyball, and baseball.

We feel thankful that Bethel follows through with the morals, values, manners, and respect for others that we teach our children at home.  We love bringing our children to Bethel.  It’s a wonderful, caring, and loving atmosphere here, and we wish everyone could realize how important it is for their children to get a good education that is based on God’s Word.”

-Billy and Jan